NEW! Swinging babies

Are you ready to boogie !


Les petits pois offers a 1 hour comprehensive party ideal for the children up to 2 year old.
The birthday party features the following:

  • A wonderful themed decor will get the children into a party atmosphere: various inflatable animals (snakes, crocodiles, tigers, parrots, mini lions, monkeys, giraffes, elephants), giant inflatable palm trees, giant inflatable bananas, linings, bouquets of colourful balloons.
  • Our professional costumed entertainer will amaze the children with this very unique party.
    All the children will get a music instrument (maracas, drum, trumpet, flute, etc…) and the entertainment will start with a little touch of story telling about the wonderful world of music. They will then try to work as a team in order to create a mini-orchestra and perform all the well known action songs and nursery rhymes. They will also be lots of dancing, bubbles, and hook a duck with prizes for everyone.
  • Imaginatively filled party bags adapted to the age of the children.

Spice up your party with our options.
For extra piece of mind, choose from our selection of homemade snacks and fantastic themed birthday cakes.