Harry Potter

Just like Harry Potter

Wands out!

Les petits pois offers a 2 hours comprehensive birthday party featuring the following:

  • A wonderful themed decor will recreate the mysterious world of magic : various inflatable spiders and pumpkins, spider banners, pumpkin lantern banner, witch’s brooms, bat hanging decorations, various plastic bats an spiders, dark blue linings, bouquets of black, purple and orange balloons.
  • Our professional entertainer costumed as Master Wizz will transport every little wizard into his wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry with fun and innovative games, magic show, music and dancing, bubbles, hook a duck with prizes for everyone. Our entertainer will also reveal and teach few of his tricks to the wannabe wizards. So get ready, amazing games and challenges are just an abracadabra way!
  • Imaginatively filled party bags adapted to the age of the children

Spice up your party with our fabulous professional face painter who will transform the little ones into their favourite character or animal or any of our options.

For extra piece of mind, choose from our selection of homemade snacks and fantastic themed birthday cakes.